The Mind Is Not Subject To The Laws Of Physics

Subjective reality is a difficult concept for most people to grasp. Everyone believes what they experience to be an empirical reality. Our brains simply manipulate and play with all the physical laws to create perceptions we experience as real. The brain is both a prediction machine and a simulator. There are physicists that theorize that everything about our existence is a simulation to the tune of a fifty percent probability. Most people will go from the cradle to the grave never knowing anything about the fundamental laws of physics even though their entire lives are governed by them. The same can be said about the level awareness one has of their own mind. The extraordinary things humans are capable of are owed to one thing, our minds, and that is partly because our minds are not subject to the laws of physics.

There isn’t a mountain top or building on Earth that any of us can walk off of and not descend from. No one will ascend because gravity does not permit this. But if I close my eyes, I can in fact create a vision of myself doing so and if I get good enough at doing this both my brain and my body will experience as if it is occurring. There was a time in our lives where are minds were given free reign to be as imaginative and creative as they could possibly be. For many of us this practiced ceased as soon as we started to become familiar with the words ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ courtesy of our primary caretakers. The imagination and creativity that comes so natural for us as children needs to be redeveloped as adults because we become conditioned to think otherwise. This is where the prisons that we all live in first get developed, in our minds.

No one knows exactly what the mind is. The best theory so far is that it lives in the synapses of our neurons in a parallel network coordinating signals between the brain, the body, and who knows what else. Science and technology is always catching up to what is. One thing for certain is that we all know we have some semblance of what is defined as the mind and it can empower us to do amazing or dreadful things.

Creative and fine artists, writers, poets, musicians, craftsmen and architects tap into the boundless ether of the mind and can express this in ways the masses can’t. This explains why we are so enamored with them. Professional athletes perform the same function in their ability to physically innovate in the moment. Everything first exists in the enfolded universe before it becomes unfolded and manifested. But what becomes unfolded is limited by what is enfolded first in the mind. Every person of historical significance that is studied created first in the enfolded universe, in their mind, what they wanted. Whether it was structural, political, social, economic, creative, or physical, it first had to be imagined. The brain can not make a distinction between what is imagined and what is physically experienced. Thus, we all have the capability to create our experiences before we physically experience them. Why is this important? Because we mostly tend to replay our past experiences. This is the default setting of the brain. When we are born, we are born with a brain that thinks it is one million years ago. It has no idea what the internet is, what supermarkets are, or even what love is. When we are born the brain knows three things; it wants to eat, it wants to move, it wants to reproduce and it accomplishes this by predicting from past experiences and simulating them. All the other information and abilities that are coopted are input and conditioned into us. When we can step out of our past experiences, which the brain and mind are more than capable of, and imagine a new experience, idea, or creation to the point where it becomes know to the brain, we manifest a new subjective reality for ourselves. We change our mind.


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