Understanding Entropy Helps Us Emotionally and in our Relationships

The Law of the Conservation of Energy is the most bulletproof rule in science. Most people believe it to be the province of physics or chemistry, but it is applicable to everything in our lives. It is applicable to everything in the universe because it is the province of physics and chemistry. Understanding what it is and how it applies to us emotionally helps us not only in our relationships but in every aspect of our existence.

Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics. It is chaos resulting from order, energy transfer from high to low, hot to cold, the speed of the difference of molecular activity determines the linear motion of entropy. Order results in chaos. Think about how this plays out in ways few of us ever really think about. A relationship between two people is an open system. People form connections based on the energies each person has. In a healthy relationship there will be a balance of transfer of that energy that is reciprocal. People will draw on one another evenly relatively speaking. But if there is an imbalance in energy transfer, the person being drawn on most often will eventually become fatigued both emotionally and physically. The order (the relationship dynamic) will result in entropy (chaos) resulting in a breaking down of the relationship.

Everything in the universe is subject to entropy. The order we can establish is a process that slows it. It cannot stop it, but it can slow down the inevitable chaos. This is how all organisms operate, it is how our relationships are, it is how all molecules operate. The order that we can establish comes in the form of our processes, our routines, our commitments, our habits. Entropy is both bitter and sweet. It empowers us to create order in order to put off the inevitable chaos it will create. We eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough sleep, stimulate our minds, form healthy relationships so that our bodies will slow down the process of entropy giving us lengthy and healthy lives. Our relationships require the same order to stave off the inevitable entropy. Once we lose order anywhere, chaos ensues and then order must be reestablished to eliminate the chaos. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form, be transmuted. Everything that exists has always existed.

Everything in the universe is energy and we all operate in the conservation of it whether we realize it or not. I can make an argument that the philosophical question pertaining to the meaning of life is simply the law of conservation. We do so by creating order to slow down entropy. Every outcome in life is preceded by some sort of process, some pretense of order. The more complex a system is, the more challenging it will be to create order, but it will also be more beneficial. I suggest starting at the most basic place to create order and that is within yourself. Create for yourself the habits and routines that will best eliminate the loss of energy while you increase absorption of it and apply this outward in your life to your relationships. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable when you consciously work to establish position utilizing entropy instead of getting positioned by it.


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