Your Brain Has Been Lying To You Your Entire Life

The notion of a subjective reality is a difficult concept for many minds to grasp. Our internal biases and heuristics all make us believe we know more than we do and I’m quite certain that most people, if polled, would claim that they live in ‘reality.’ But what many people fail to learn and understand is that every single experience you have is created by your brain creating a subjective reality we all live in.

The senses that we all have and enjoy are merely filters that relay information to our brains. Visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum is received through the lens of the eye and travels into the visual cortex where our brain then creates an image. Chemicals that are in the air are siphoned into our olfactory senses (our nose) and the corresponding smell is then created by the brain. Vibrations in the air produced by waves are received via our ear canals and the brain then turns them into sound. Chemicals that are in solid or liquid form are received into our mouths and the brain then creates taste. Objects of infinite forms, textures, and temperatures are touched resulting in our nerves sending signals about the objects being touched to the brain and the brain then creates feelings. We also have cognitive and emotional filters that receive signals that are then relayed to the brain where again the brain interprets them and then creates a response. All of this is subjectively created and is completely contextual. So, what does this say about reality? It simply means that you create the reality you experience even if you unknowingly do so.

From the perspective of the universe, reality is gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear power, the law of thermodynamics, and a few others I am neglecting to mention. These are not subjective or flexible to context. If you walk off a building anywhere on the planet, you are going fall.

Embracing the responsibility of being a creator changes everything in your subjective reality and how you experience life. Your emotional response to external events and the feelings you assign to them can either help or hinder you. You possess the ability to be congruent with your response and to cultivate a response that brings you in alignment with your values. Your first need to clearly define what your values are.

You are already projecting your values in your life everywhere you go with everything you do. You are just doing it under the auspices of the implicit self. Insertion of conscious intention little by little can change the experience and how you define the things that lead your experiences. Overtime this process reconditions the implicit self to a new format if you will. Of course, you don’t have to work to change anything. If you already feel as if you are ‘winning’ in life, then you may feel there is little that needs modification. My notion of infinite potential however illustrates that there is always room for improvement in us all. By taking more responsibility over our experiences in our realities, we free ourselves from the realities of others because if we are not living in the realities that we consciously construct then we are implicitly living the realities that others consciously create for us.

Elliot is a personal development author. His latest book, "The Bitter & The Sweet: Benefits of a Balanced Perspective in Life, and How to Achieve It" out now.